Hi there!

I am an international award winning photographer based out of Saskatoon, SK.  I specialize in weddings and real estate photography.

I won't really explain my style here, actually I'm not sure I could - it is constantly evolving - my experience has been that it's easier to look at an image and love it than to explain it (plus that's boring :).  I do know one thing......I love people, I love meeting new people, I love chatting with them, and I truly have become friends with many past clients.  I believe that this has inadvertently made the people I shoot more comfortable and relaxed around me, making for the true expressions and amazing shots.  Plus I'm pretty damn fun too :).

I do have some quirks, I will most likely forget the names of half the people at your wedding, but I will capture the most memorable images of them during the day.  I have also been known to repeat silly phrases and get really really excited when I see something cool on my camera :).  

I look forward to meeting you, drop me a line!